Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Includes full version of:

  • Word 2010
  • Excel 2010
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • OneNote 2010
  • Outlook 2010
  • Publisher 2010
  • Access 2010

Features and benefits

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 brings together our top-of-the-line tools to help you stay organized, connected, and competitive. The package includes one year of technical support.


  •  Build a budget and track expenses quickly with built-in templates in Excel 2010.
  •  See data trends quickly with powerful analysis tools, such as Sparklines that show a tiny chart embedded in a cell, Slicers that filter data in a PivotTable, or Conditional Formatting to help you easily spot variances. Illustrate your information using improved charting tools and SmartArt graphics to make charts, diagrams, and graphs that are easy to understand and read.



  •  Collect all your ideas and important information in OneNote 2010, from meeting notes and customer information to marketing plans.
  •  Create a OneNote notebook to organize all the materials and media for a project: text, images, videos, audio, web page clippings, and more.
  •  Find the information you need with simple tagging and an improved search that shows you search results while you type.
  •  Boost the efficiency of your Internet research with Quick Filing. Save information from the web and other resources to your notebook with one click.



  •  Transform your ideas into memorable presentations in PowerPoint 2010 with images and video, dynamic slide transitions, and animations.
  •  Take advantage of easy-to-use photo- and video-editing features that let you add dramatic visual effects without leaving PowerPoint 2010.
  •  Easily broadcast your presentation through a web browser to remote audiences, even if they dont have PowerPoint.



  •  Start creating documents quickly with ready-to-use templates in Word 2010 for almost any project, from business reports to customer newsletters.
  •  Add visual interest to your text with effects such as shadows, reflections, and 3-D.
  •  Capture your ideas using an array of customizable SmartArt graphics that help you highlight important messages quickly and easily.



  •  Connect with people and projects more efficiently using email and calendar tools that simplify communication in Outlook 2010.
  •  Manage multiple email accounts in Outlook 2010 from services such as Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, or most other providers.
  •  Track and manage your email easily with Conversation View in Outlook 2010, a feature that lets you condense, categorize, and even ignore lengthy email exchanges with a single click.
  •  Use Outlook Mobile on your smartphone1 to exchange email with your team and customers even when youre away.



  •  Create your own communications using the powerful design tools in Publisher 2010, whether youre marketing your business or planning an event.
  •  Get started quickly with a library of customizable templates to create postcards, brochures, email, and more.
  •  Choose from sophisticated photo-editing

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    Doesn’t work for MAC, 2013 MS PRO

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